Our funding is for everyone, but we understand that not everyone is familiar with who we are or what we do. Here you will find links to resources where you can find out as little or as much about us and our funding as you like.

We hope you’ll dig in and find it interesting, but don’t worry if not - you can still tell us about the challenges, opportunities, hopes and aspirations facing you and your community anyway.

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As we start to renew our UK-wide strategy, our commitment to communities explains clearly what people and our partners can expect from us as we strive to put communities first (opens in a new tab).

In the last five years we gave out £3.4 billion in National Lottery funding. Our impact report shows the impact our funding makes (opens in a new tab), changing lives across the UK.

David Knott was appointed as our new Chief Executive in October 2021. In this message he lays out our approach and his vision for putting communities first (opens in a new tab).

How we're putting communities first

Our funding impact from the last 5 years

Our CEO David's vision